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Face Grain Boards

Our boards are approximately priced according to relative size and availability. They can be custom built to your needs as well. Contact us with any questions.

Face Grain vs. End Grain

   "Grain" is a term used to describe the natural fibers in found in trees and wood products. When harvested, the fibers of a tree often all point in the roughly the same direction: vertically, pointing up and down.

     A "face grain" cutting board is where we have taken the vertically facing slats and laid them out horizontally.  Face grain cutting boards show knife marks and scratches somewhat more readily, but they still retain their beauty and function.

     "Edge grain" cutting boards may be better know as as "chopping blocks," because they can take a lot of heavy wear and still retain an excellent cutting surface. The grain in these boards is pointing vertically up and down as if it were still in the tree, and provides extra hardness and durability.  End grain boards are, on average, thicker, heavier Old time butchers used to use this style of cutting board for cleaving meats in their shops, and many such boards are still in excellent condition today.

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Our Cutting Boards

Our custom cutting boards are carefully crafted from local hardwoods and we regularly sell them at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. We price them based on size and construction.

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Small                                Medium                                Large

 $55-$75                                                     $85-$100                                                      $125-$200

Small                                        Medium                             Large

 $25-$35                                                                  $45-$65                                                  $75-$100


Looking for something special? Let us know! Email us with what type of board you would like, what size/price range you have in mind, what wood types you would like. You can even give us a suggestion on a certain shape. We can make custom sizes to fit your price range, just ask! We will write back with what we have in stock, payment information, and shipping details (if you live outside of the WNC area.


Extra Large                           Serving Platters           

  $115-$150                              Medium sized, more stylized and made w/ finer wood- $75-$85

End Grain Boards

Also Available in End Grain:

Butcher Block Stands, Kitchen Islands, Cutting Board Countertops

Built on request only. Please contact for further information and pricing.