2. Get Creative

     Now that you've established your working budget, start thinking about the design of your kitchen or bath. How do you want it to look? Japanese, rustic, modern? How do you want it to flow? Is it a cozy getaway, or a bustling family epicenter? Take a look around at other designs and photos (or your friend's kitchen) and start picking out elements that appeal to you.  Our portfolio page might be a good start. The intent is simply to get a more concrete idea of what shape you want your design to take.Nothing has to be a final decision: just try on a few designs for size and see how well they fit you.

     Please take into consideration your size limitations and past construction.

    If you already know what you are looking for, try this out anyways. You never know when inspiration will strike. Once you have a few possible ideas for your design, be ready to discuss them to us or show us some pictures so we can get a feel for your vision.


3. Get a Quote

     Schedule an appointment with our trained designers We will work with you to establish a budget and design that  will fit your home and lifestyle



Let's Get Started


A simple 1, 2, 3 checklist for turning your design dream into a custom reality.

1. Set a Budget

     Before you begin making many serious decisions about out the design for your kitchen or bath, try to get a feel for your available funds. This is often one of the largest determining factors of the end result of your project. If your budget allows it, try to remain flexible with your plans. Custom design goes the extra mile into building an environment tailored especially to your needs, and knowing your budget is one of the best ways to make a concrete, realized plan.

     Ask yourself these questions: What is my upper budget? Lower budget? Are my plans flexible? What are the primary features I am looking for in my design? How can I get the most out of my budget?

     The answers to these questions will be different for every person across every project, but the answers will prove immensely helpful in discovering the kitchen or bath that will best serve your needs and your finances.